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Boiler Servicing Price Guide

Thanks for visiting our website here at Plumber’s Rates, this page is all about boiler servicing, how much it costs and what work is involved. We last updated this page on the 26th May 2016 but in our experience, the prices shown should be good for a few years, the market is very competitive.

The prices quoted below exclude VAT on the labour (business was operating below the VAT threshold). To see the complete plumber’s price list please visit this page.

What Work is Actually Done During a Boiler Service?

A boiler service will usually involve some or all of the following:

  • Ask the customer if there are any issues such as noises coming from the boiler.
  • Visual check of the boiler, controls, flue and pipework. Ensure all are located in a safe place and installed correctly.
  • Switch on boiler and check flame, controls and any safety devices.
  • Check electrical wiring.
  • Check clearances.
  • Check gas supply pipework.
  • Check ventilation. Test emissions from flue.
  • Check parts and clean as required (depends on make/model – pilot assembly, main burners, injectors, heat exchanger)
  • Measure pressure, pilot flame and flow rate etc and adjust as needed.

Every manufacturer will have its own series of checks that need to be completed during a service, the list above is not exhaustive but covers the basics.

How Long Does it Take?

We found that the average boiler can be serviced in about an hour. It can take less if the boiler is new and sometimes taking up to an hour and a half if some cleaning of components is needed, perhaps because the boiler hasn’t been serviced for a while. Rarely would a service take longer, usually only if extra work was required.

Some companies will do a “half service” this usually involves checking the flow rate and emissions but not dismantling any parts for inspection and cleaning.

We always recommend a more thorough service, it may take half an hour longer and cost £25 more but it is worth it, at least for peace of mind.

Typical Cost to Service Boiler

Prices can vary but most companies will charge between £50 and £95 depending on how thorough the service is. We used to charge £85 and that included a certificate as well.

Boiler servicing costs at the lower end of the scale tend to be the ones where only the basics are carried out – visual checks and emissions testing.

British Gas currently charge £79.30 for a boiler service.

Power flush cost

Price to Replace a Boiler

If your boiler is more than 15 years old then you are probably paying more for your gas then if you had a more modern and energy efficient boiler installed.

Regular servicing can keep you safe and ensure that the appliance is as efficient as it was designed to be but a full replacement may not be as expensive as you think

Check out our guide to boiler replacement costs for more information.

Is Boiler Insurance Worth the Cost?

You can purchase insurance which includes an annual service of the boiler. British Gas’s basic policy covers the boiler and controls and includes a service, all for £10 a month.

Their top tier cover costs £19.50 a month and also includes cover for plumbing, electrics and drains.

These policies can be very beneficial if you live in an older property that requires a lot of maintenance. EDF also offer similar insurance policies.

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