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Installing an Outside Tap in the Garden

Thanks for checking out our website here at Plumber’s Rates. Why not bookmark us for future reference? What is the going rate for a plumber to fit an outside tap for the garden? How long does the work take and what materials are involved?

The prices quoted below exclude VAT on the labour (business was operating below the VAT threshold). To see the complete plumber’s price list please visit this page.

Typical Cost to Fit Outside Tap?

Fitting an outside tap is bread and butter work for each and every plumber. It’s one the simplest plumbing jobs undertaken and can be completed in as little as an hour.

We used to charge about £85.00 (no Vat as we were trading below the VAT threshold) to supply and install an outside tap, that includes collecting the parts and then connecting to an existing pipe under the sink and also including an isolating valve so the water supply can be switched off during the winter.

Your Tap Installation May Cost More If…

You can expect the outside garden tap installation to cost more if you want it placed in an unusual place. For example, if you want the tap at the end of the garden or routed to the other side of the house.

Outside taps are usually located outside the kitchen and directly above an open drain.

How to Reduce Costs

Get all the parts yourself, take a photo of them and a couple of pictures of where you want the tap installed, email them to your plumber and ask for a quote without visiting. The job is so simple and without the need to collect any materials, he may charge as little as £30-40.

List of Materials

Below is a list of materials, typically used in the installation of an outside tap:

  • Tap.
  • Backplate.
  • Copper pipe.
  • 90degree elbow joint and “T” joint.
  • Check valve to stop water going back into the mains (requirement of regulations – prevents water with garden chemicals flowing back into drinking water).
  • Isolating valve so water to the tap can be switched off.
  • Sealant.

You can buy tap kits that contain all the parts you will need. Our advice is to avoid the cheapest taps and go for a mid-range product, they will still be affordable.

Minimum Charges

Most plumbers will have a minimum charge that should be made clear to you before any work starts. It could be one hour rate, £50 or £75. Some plumbers will also have a call-out fee which is usually waived if you accept the quote provided and go ahead with the work.

Guide to Fitting the Tap

Below is a great guide to installing an outside tap, it’s not the only way as pipes can be connected without soldering and some people use plastic pipe or even hose.

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