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Average Price to Install a New Bathroom

This page is all about bathrooms, how much you should expect to install a whole new bathroom suite or replace just a few items such as taps and toilets.
This page was last updated on May 18th 2016 and was written by a plumber who has experience in bathroom installations as well as repairs.

The prices quoted below exclude VAT on the labour (business was operating below the VAT threshold). To see the complete plumber’s price list please visit this page.

Cost to Fit a New Bathroom

The figure below is for a bathroom you would typically find in a two/three bedroom house. One bath with shower, shower bath screen, sink and toilet. New tiling to floors and half of walls. New mirror, light switch, new pipework and a new radiator. Part paint walls and ceiling.

We used to charge around £4000.00, this is for typical mid-spec tiles and suite and includes waste disposal. For a lower specification a price 0f £2750-3500 is realistic. There is no limit to how much a bathroom can cost if higher quality materials are used.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Bathroom?

The most time consuming part of the installation is removing the old wall/floor tiles, preparing the wall/floor and installing the new tiles. The installation of the bath, toilet and sink is usually fairly straight forward.

Expect the work to take around 6-8 days, but this is for a complete full strip out and replacement. If you are only having the bath/sink/toilet replaced then expect it to take a couple of days. If you want to change the location of the bath or toilet etc then additional pipework and time will be needed, so that will cost more.

New bathroom set

Tips for Saving Money

There is a huge price difference for baths, taps, sinks and toilets. The market is very competitive and by searching online you can save hundreds of pounds.

There are also cashback websites such Quidco where you can earn a percentage of the cost back.

As an example, Quidco currently offer 2% cashback on purchases from Wickes. 5% on goods from Topps Tiles and up to 8% from items purchased from the “Walls and Floors” website.

These offers change regularly and there are several cashback websites. We suggest you explore them if you are purchasing the items yourself, you could save a packet.

You can also save money by keeping things simple, if you change the location of the bath/sink/toilet then extra work will be required. Changing the window sil, door frame and radiators all add costs that could be avoided. Doing some of the work yourself, such as painting the walls, ceiling and skirts could save a few pounds.

Other Bathroom Prices

Below are some examples of prices you can expect to pay for other types of bathroom plumbing jobs:

Remove sealant from around bath and sink, replace with new anti-mold sealant: £75.00

Replace bathroom and sink taps: £75.00(excludes cost of taps)

Replace a bathtub, toilet, sink only. This is a request we sometimes got from homeowners who wanted to do the tiling and other aspects of the job themselves but wanted us to do the plumbing and install of the bath/sink/toilet.  This is never easy to quote for as the work will require several visits, usually working around the homeowner. We prefer to do all the work ourselves but would charge around: £500.00. This includes removing the old suite, installing new pipework, installing the new suite.  This is for labour only, excludes waste disposal or any other work. We charge this because in our experience, things rarely go smoothly when we are working with a DIYer with limited experience. It’s entirely possible to find a plumber to carry out this type of work for less than £500.00.

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