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Radiator Replacement Price Guide

One project we are frequently asked to quote for is replacing, upgrading or adding a radiator to an existing central heating system.

This page was created on the 22nd of May 2016 and was created by a former plumber and heating engineer. The prices quoted exclude VAT, but don’t forget that smaller businesses operating below the VAT threshold do not need to register for or charge VAT.

1 – Replace a Radiator Like-For Like

This is a simple job and is bread and butter work for plumbers. Remove and dispose of an old radiator and replace with a new one on a like for like basis. Expect to pay around £95.00 to supply and fit a single width and single panel radiator, including valve.

The cost increases to around £125-175 for a larger radiator to be supplied and installed, including a new thermostatic valve.

Expect the work to take around an hour with additional time to collect the radiator from the supplier. Plumber to remove and dispose of old radiator.

2 – Cost to Move a Radiator to a New Location

This requires some extra work but we assume you are keeping the same radiator. Remove the radiator, supply and install new pipework to the new location and then install the radiator after first flushing it through to remove any sludge build up.

Expect to pay aroun £100-125.00

The most common reason for moving a rad to a new location is because you are having an extension built or are knocking through a wall, perhaps to open up a kitchen and lounge.

3 – Add an Additional Radiator

Another common job is adding a radiator to an existing system, perhaps there is a room such as a hallway that requires more heat.

There is usually a bit more work than just replacing a rad like-for-like as more pipework is required and access can sometimes be a bit tricky, lifting floorboards  etc

Assuming the boiler is large enough to cope with the extra radiator (there is a limit to each boiler) then expect to pay between £150 and £275 depending on how big the radiator is and how difficult it is to access the existing pipework.

Power flush cost

Comparing Our Prices

Variations in prices are usually based on:

  • Location – London being the most expensive.
  • How busy your chosen tradespeople are, with little work in their diaries plumbers often reduce their prices.
  • Whether you choose a small local trader or a larger company such as British Gas who have been known to charge double what a local trader would charge.

Common Sizes

There are no set industry size standards of radiators and there are in fact over 60 sizes commonly used.

Common radiator lengths start at around 400mm and up to 1600mm.

Heights typically range from 400mm to 700mm.

The thickness (depth) of a single rad is around 50mm, the rad will usually project 75mm – 85mm from the wall.

A double panelled radiator is around 70mm deep and usually project around 100mm-110mm from the wall.

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