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Unblocking Costs

Thank you for visiting our website here at Plumber’s Rates. This page explains the charges you can expect to pay a plumber to unblock a sink, toilet, wastewater drain or rainwater drain.

We last updated this page on the 24th May 2016, the prices do not include VAT unless stated. Don’t forget that smaller companies and individuals don’t need to charge VAT if they earn below a certain threshold each year.

1) Unblocking a Sink

A simple job assuming the blockage is in the pipe directly under the sink or at least near it. Dismantle the bend, clean out and degrease then re-assemble and flush through. The work will take less than one hour to complete so expect to pay the minimum charge or one hour’s labour fee. We used to charge around £45 for a job like this but location is s deciding factor, London and the South East are the most expensive areas to call out a plumber.

2) Toilet

Not the most pleasant job to carry out and most homeowners find that they can shift the blockage themselves by quickly pouring a bucket of water into the toilet, the increase in pressure usually pushes the blockage through. Failing that a plumber can use his plunger, some chemicals or a special tool to dislodge the blockage. We used to charge around £45 for this type of job – our minimum charge.

3) Jet a Rainwater Drain or Waste Water Drain

This usually takes a little longer and often requires the use of jetting equipment so costs a bit more.  We know from experience that the drain jetting industry is riddled with businesses that overcharge, sometimes invoicing for hundreds of pounds when all they have done is push a jet into a drain for fifteen minutes.

Not all drain jetting companies overcharge, expect to pay around £100 for a fairly simple and straightforward job.

Drain jetting cost

Is CCTV Required?

CCTV cameras can be used to inspect the drain pipe and find out exactly where and why a blockage has occurred. Most blockages are due to sanitary towels and fat/grease deposits but sometimes tree roots or a collapsed pipe could be the cause.

We do not recommend paying for CCTV inspection if this is the first time the pipe has become blocked, just get it jetted. If a pipe blockage reoccurs then this could be due to tree roots, a cracked or collapsed pipe etc and you may need to have it relined. The only way to know for sure is to have a CCTV inspection done.

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