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Typical Cost to Fit a Power Shower

Thanks for checking out our site here at Plumber’s Rates. What is the going rate for a plumber to install a new power shower in a bathroom or shower unit? This page was created on the 21st of May 2016 and was written by a plumber with experience in installing power showers.

The prices quoted below exclude VAT on the labour (business was operating below the VAT threshold). To see the complete plumber’s price list please visit this page.

Difference Between a Power Shower and an Electric Shower

A power shower contains a pump that increases the flow rate of the existing hot and cold water coming into the bathroom/shower. It also contains a thermostat so you can adjust the temperature.

An electric shower does not contain a pump but heats water usually direct from the mains but can also do so from a cold water storage tank.

The examples on this page are for a new power shower unit.

Typical Power Shower Installation Price

Swap a power shower unit like-for-like (same wattage): £100 labour only

Install a new power shower unit, new water pipework and new electric cable to consumer unit/fusebox, certify Part P: £250-£350 labour only

Power shower

Straight Swap or a Whole New Installation?

There are two types of power shower installation – swapping an old power shower unit for a new one, a job that is usually fairly straightforward.

And then there is installing a power shower for the first time. That will usually involve extra work such as piping and electric wiring.

Don’t forget that to satisfy building regulations, any new wiring must be routed directly to its own RCD (fuse) in the fusebox/consumer unit.

Choosing the Right Unit (gravity fed, mains supplied or from combi boiler)

How is your water supplied? Gravity fed, mains supply or via a combi boiler? If you are unsure of which type of power shower you need there is a great selection tool on the Mira website.

Do I Need a Plumber and an Electrician?

If any new cables are installed then that aspect of the power shower installation will need to be certified in accordance with Part P of the building regulations. All new electrical work in the bathroom (both new and old) will then need to be checked so it’s compliant with Part P.

There are plenty of plumbers that are able to certify electrical work to Part P. It is also common for an electrician to come in and do the electrical aspect of the work.

If you swap a unit for a new one on a like-for-like basis then you don’t need to get the work certified to Part P.

Extra Costs

Additional costs to consider are:

  1. If your wiring is old and doesn’t meet current regulations then it will need to be updated/rewired in the bathroom.
  2. Wall tiles may need to be replaced or repaired, depending on circumstances.
  3. Cabling taken down to the fusebox may require some remedial work such as plastering repairs or some minor redecorating.
  4. Adding a shower screen to a bath.
  5. You want an expensive power shower with a fancy digital display.

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